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About Us

The company started off as a closed corporation which was established in May 1984. In February 2004 the structure of the company was converted to a (Pty) LTD. to allow for employee shareholding. Over the past twenty-five years, our policy of carefully controlling growth, recruiting only competent, highly qualified experienced staff and of purchasing only new, state of the art construction plant has resulted in our becoming the “Smallest Big Contractor” in the Republic.

Our spheres of operation include urban roads, roads and civil engineering services for residential and industrial property developments.

Our annual turnover is presently approximately R120m

We have handled contracts up to R100m, in value and completed them on time and within budget.

Our CIDB Grading is 8CE which allows us to tender on Government Contracts to the value of R120m.

We are a level 2 BBBEE contributor.

At present, we operate four separate crews. Two of the teams are capable of handling contracts with turnovers in excess of R2 500 000 per month while the remaining teams handle smaller contracts with turnovers of R1.5m

Each contract site is operated as an individual company with a large degree of responsibility vested in each site agent and all the site employee’s sharing in the profit.

Our Senior Site Management consists of two experienced site agents two of who have B.Tech Degrees, while the junior Site agents have a minimum of ten years of internal mentorship and NQF4 diplomas.

We have core workforce of 85 permanent hourly paid skilled and semiskilled employees and normally employ a further 120 to 150 unskilled labours on a limited contract basis. All employees work a 45-hour week.

We have impeccable Safety record, having won several awards including the Gold Award in the special 10 year awards.

This expertise is backed by our own plant, maintained in immaculate conditions by the respective agents.

We do not run a workshop, all our plant maintenance and repairs are out-sourced to a freelance mechanical workshop who has been looking after our plat for about 20 years.

The Managing Director is a Graduate PR.Engineer, a Fellow of the South African Institution of Engineers with over fifty years construction experience. The C.O.O. has a B.Tech (Eng) degree and has 20 years’ experience in the Construction Industry.

We occupy a unique place in the construction industry, being able to handle large, fast track contracts, pre than matching the professionalism of the “Big Contractor”, while retaining the flexibility required to handle contracts from five hundred thousand to ninety million rand.

We take pride in our reputation of cooperation with our clients and of completing contracts timeously, within budget and to specification. As a result of this we are on the preferred contractor list of most of the Consulting Engineering Companies. We have achieved this by the efforts our highly motivated site staff who operate well within their level of experience and competence. This is a rare attribute in the industry today. We value honesty.

As small but efficient administrative staff and low overhead structure enables us to price extremely competitively.

Our sophisticated computer capability enables us to provide accurate cost estimates quickly. These are linked to detailed construction programs, allowing us to monitor and report on progress and expenditure from project start to finish. Our Policy of personal managerial involvement at site level allows clients and consultants to deal with the same person from the initial inquiry through to completion.

The combination of the above make us the ideal partner in any civil services or road project.